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which provide Safety, Health, Environmental
and Quality (SHEQ) Consultancy,
Audit And Training Services.
We are based HQ in Singapore and branches at Malaysia and Indonesia.
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For general enquiries in Singapore or Malaysia or Indonesia, please email us at or
Call or watsapp our QSHE Expert Consultant at +65 96399099 (Dr. Mano) for any enquiries.
We offer a wide range of safety, quality and environment courses namely:
1. NEBOSH Diploma in OSH
3. NEBOSH ITC in Oil and Gas Operational Safety
4. IOSH Managing Safely
5. IOSH Accident Investigation
6. PECB ISO45001 Lead Auditor in OSH
7. PECB ISO14001 Lead Auditor in EMS
8. QSHE Internal Auditor
9. Basic Safety Induction Course
10. Fire Safety Response and Fire Management
11. Behavioral Based Safety Course
12. Safety Culture Implementation
13. Chemical Hazardous Management Course
14. Traffic Safety Management Course
15. Safety Management System Course
16. Basic Electrical and Electrocution Safety Course
17. Risk Management Course
18. ISO Development and Implementation Course
19. Falling From Height Safety Course
20. Fatigue Management Safety Course
21. ISO 9001 Quality Management Course
22. ISO 9001 Lead Auditor / Internal Auditor in QMS
23. Basic Laboratory Safety Standard Course
24. Basic Radiation Safety Course
25. Warehouse and Logistic Safety Course
26. Lifting Equipment Safety Supervisor Course
27. Basic Excavation and Trenching Safety Course
28. Environment Aspect and Impact Course
29. Environment Management System Course
30. Environmental Internal Auditor Course
We also customized courses to cater and tailor the course curriculum to suit our client needs.
We also provide CEP point courses for Malaysia Safety Officers as per below:
NEW COURSE - 10 CEP points (DOSH Approved) (JKKP IS 127/438/5-0235) (HRDF claimable)
Course Title: IOSH Accident Investigation & Fire Safety Management Course
Get 2 certificates in 1 course (2 days duration)
*IOSH international recognised certificate from UK
*CEP DOSH Approved certificate for Safety & Health Officer
Zoom online virtual class - learn wheverever you are
Redeem voucher RM100. Use Code: HOT01_MTC 
Email: or
Call / WA +65 963 99099 (Dr. Mano) or +6010 824 9869 (Melanie)
New CEP DOSH Course (10 CEP Points) (JKKP IS 127/438/5-0244) (HRDF claimable)
Course Title: Behavioral Based Safety Course (BBS)
Course Duration: 2 days virtual zoom class online
Redeem RM100 voucher. Use Code: MTC_BBS_2021
Email: or
Call/WA: +65 96399099 (Dr Mano) or +6010 824 9869 (Melanie)
New CEP DOSH Course (10 CEP Points) (JKKP/2021/14/00187)
Course Title: Management of Hazardous Substance and Enhanced Chemical Risk Assessment
Course duration: 2 days remote virtual class
New CEP DOSH Course (10 CEP Points) (JKKP/2022/14/00016)
Course Title: Occupational Health and Safety Audit
Course Duration: 2 days remote virtual class
HRDF claimable
MTC is an Approved and Accredited HRDF Training Provider
Join our HRDF approved courses.....
Email: or
Approved Accredited HRDF claimable (SBL Khas) Courses (Remote Virtual Online Training):
1. NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
2. Behaviour Based Safety Course (10 CEP points)
3. IOSH Accident Investigation & Fire Safety Management Course (10 CEP Points)
4. PECB Certified ISO45001 Lead Auditor
5. PECB Certified ISO14001 Lead Auditor
6. IOSH Accident Investigation
7. IOSH Managing Safely
- Kursus latihan NEBOSH IGC dijamin mantap dan khusus buat profesi keselamatan tempat kerja di Indonesia.
- Kursus latihan lain IOSH Managing Safely (IOSH Manajemen Keselamatan) dan kursus latihan IOSH Accident Investigation (IOSH Siasatan Kecelakaan) wajib buat profesional keselamatan hadiri di Mateen TC. Belajar cara metode manajemen keselamatan tempat kerja dan siasatan kecelakaan tempat kerja.
- PECB OHSAS45001 Lead Auditor Occupational Safety & Health Management System kursus latihan yg ada di Mateen TC buat siapa yg minat belajar cara metode audit dan proses audit keselamatan tempat kerja.
- Semua kursus latihan khusus buat Safety Officer Indonesia dan Safety Manager Indonesia.
- Belajar cara metode online tatap muka. Mana saja bisa belajar dan kapan waktu bisa belajar online. 
- Belajar cara fisik dlm kelas di BATAM Indonesia dan mana saja di Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Medan dan lain-lain).
- Semua ahli didik / tenaga pengajar MTC profesional dan qualitas mutu tinggi dlm pendidikan keselamatan tempat kerja.
- Buat siapa yg minat sila hubungi kami email atau hp wa +65 96399099


  • NEBOSH Accredited Provider

    MTC had been approved and accredited training center No. 1423 for NEBOSH safety courses.

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  • IOSH Accredited Provider
    IOSH Accredited Provider

    MTC is an approved and accredited training provider for Institute Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Centre No. 3967.

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  • PECB Accredited Provider
    PECB Accredited Approved Partner

    MTC is an Accredited and Approved PECB Partner Institutions.

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  • DOSH CEP Courses
    DOSH CEP Courses

    MTC is a worldwide organization providing wide range of SHEQ training.

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  • Safety & Health Officer Course
    Safety & Health Officer Course

    Green Book by DOSH.

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  • Safety course

    ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Lead Auditor (PECB accredited)

    • To impart skills as Lead Auditor and able to conduct audits effectively
    • To educate on the ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety requirement clauses
    • To understand audit processes and protocols
    • To be able to conduct audit interviews
    • To be able to write professional Audit Report 
    • Indonesia - Tujuan Utama Kursus: Dapat ilmu buat proses audit dlm keselamatan tempat kerja dan faham buat jalani proses metode audit tempat kerja
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  • Safety Course

    NEBOSH International Technical Certificate (ITC) Operational Gas Safety

    To impart knowledge and sound understanding of the principles of operational health and safety that apply in oil & gas (or related) industries.

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  • Safety Courses

    IOSH Managing Safely

    • To understand safety and its risks at the workplace
    • To manage a better and enhance safety environment at the workplace
    • To know each safety responsibilities especially as Safety Manager or Safety In-charge
    • To perform risk assessment for hazardous work activities
    • To understand international safety legal requirements and framework
    • Indonesia - IOSH Managing Safely
      Tujuam Utama: Belajar manajeman keselamatan tempat kerja 
    • Kursus fleksibel yang mencakup dasar-dasar manajemen keselamatan dan kesehatan dalam paket interaktif berdampak tinggi
    • Fleksibilitas untuk memberikan kursus secara online tatap muka / hadir kelas
    • Grafik animasi berkualitas tinggi yang dibuat khusus untuk kursus tersebut
    • Presentasi yang canggih namun menyenangkan
    • Konten teknis kelas satu, berdasarkan apa yang perlu diketahui oleh delegasi dalam praktik
    • Tidak ada jargon atau bahasa hukum yang tidak sopan
    • Skenario yang jelas dan dapat dikaitkan dengan manajer- Alat pelatihan siap-pakai, termasuk film dan kuis
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  • Safety Courses

    Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) (10 CEP Points)

    • To understand the concept of safety culture and behavioral based safety (BBS) concepts and implement BBS plan program intervention in the organization.
    • To obtain the necessary knowledge and certification to reduce the occurence of at-risk behaviour at the workplace through implementing BBS process and integrating it with Organization Safety Management System
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  • Environment, Safety Courses

    NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

    Aims to provide a broad knowledge of safety and health besides enable the delegate to manage health and safety in an efficient and effective way in line with the principle of health and safety management system.

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  • Safety Courses

    IOSH Accident Investigation and Fire Safety Management Course (10 CEP Points & IOSH Certification)

    Part A : IOSH Accident Investigation
    To provide an understanding of the basic knowledge of accident investigation in OSH perspectives and provide relevant tools to conduct a proper accident investigation process.

    Part B: Fire Safety Management
    To provide an understanding of fire safety management by adopting a systematic approach for completing risk assessment, to decide on priorities and to set objective to eliminate or reduce risk.

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